Tuesday, 16 April 2013

First Blog in a Long Succession (I hope)

Hi all.

Chances are at the time of writing I have no people following this blog (sounds about right since this is the first post).

However I do hope this changes in the coming months.

I suppose I ought to explain what this blog is about/why I made it in the first place.

Well for many years I always recorded my thoughts and what I was doing in a selection of diaries and recently when I told a mate about this he suggested it might be worth publishing them at some point. Whilst I like the idea I belive that I will have lost one or more of these diaries by theis time. So I thought about how to make it more permanent. Then I realised that I should continue writing on the internet (Since, let's be honest, it's going to hang around for a while).

Now naturally I do not want to bore you, the reader, into my everyday activities so I am only posting every few days in which I will record moments I think are worth reording down. Another advantage of using the internet is that I will be able to also put pictures of my outings instead of tediously trying to record every detail from memory.

I realise that not everyone who visits this blog will like it. To them I say fair play after all no one thing can appeal to everyone ( I know I can say that I do not like some things in life. Like those who drive badly) but I hope this blog occassionally give the odd chuckle or be interesting at times as I document my life on the internet to anyone who can be bothered to just look here.

I look forward to the future and what it brings to me.

Till next time,